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Terms of Services Here you will find full details about our Server and other Services Resource Usage Policy Details. By Signing Up to Tech Spartan it is assumed that the User has read and acknowledged these policy terms. Before Signing Up to Tech Spartan, you are advised to check these Policy Terms to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

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Terms Of Services

Singing up to Tech Spartan is assumed that user is well acknowledged about our Terms of Services. Use will also agree with our other terms as follows

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By accepting these terms of services applicable for every Tech Spartan User, following standard policy is applicable for each Tech Spartan User We are against Spamming activities to maintain online reputation. If any user account or email address or any other services found involved in spamming activities, then for the first incident respective service will be suspended with first warning. If again such incidents will occur regularly then will be permanently terminated. No backup or data will be provided. If any service found involved in Adult, Abusive, Anti National, Anti Religious, hacking, bot site, scraping data, mirror site, Software Download, Video Download, Or any pirated script or online services, bank frauds, fake offers, anti social content, streaming videos., using CPU overlimit etc then your services will be termintated with or without any prior notice. Unlimited Hosting or any other unlimited plan does not mean that you can use service as your storage device. Our standard File upload permission is below 100 MB, if any user found above 100 MB limit then service / plan may be terminated with or without notice. In this case no backup or data will be provided. Tech Spartan has the right to change modify or discontinue any service / plan or pricing of any service/plan as per market analysis. In this case your plan will be upgraded to available topmost plan. No refunds will be provided in this case. We only process refunds as our commitment of 15 Days Money Back Guarantee. Only this clients eligible for refunds. No refunds will be processed for certain services like Domain Registration, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, SSL Certificates, Sitelock, etc. 15 Days Money Back Guarantee is valid for new customers from the date of order of only hosting services. If client is not satisfied with our hosting services can apply for refund. For processing refund it may take 45 days from application for refund. Lifetime Hosting Clients has 15 Days Money Back Guarantee. After that no refunds will be processed. Lifetime client has no yearly renewal for only hosting. Domain Registration, SSL Certificates and any other addon services will be charged as per plan.